User Terms and Conditions Agreement

You must read these terms and conditions carefully before using the website or application or conducting any transaction. These terms and conditions are legally binding through electronic approval or use of the website or mobile application. Consultation is an electronic platform affiliated with the Technical Communications Corporation for Communications and Information Technology and was established for mediation in providing legal , psychological and social consultations. By using the consulting platform, you agree to this agreement without restrictions or conditions, and the consulting platform has the right at any time to amend this agreement, and the amended version will be published on the platform, and the amended version of the (Terms and Conditions Agreement) will be valid after a week from the date of its publication on the platform, and after publication Your continued use of the platform constitutes your commitment to the terms and conditions contained in the modified version, and your acceptance of the application of the amendments. Responsible for the level and quality of services provided by the consulting providers.

First: Definitions:

The following terms, whenever they appear in this agreement - Terms and Conditions Agreement - mean the following (unless the context requires otherwise):

  1. Consultation platform is a digital platform belonging to the Communications and Information Technology Technical Communications Corporation, with a commercial registration number: 1010819947 Tax registration number: 311379499800003. It is concerned with providing legal, psychological and social consultations remotely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by connecting beneficiaries who seek legal, psychological and social consultations, with a group of licensed and professional lawyers, doctors, specialists in an interactive, easy, safe, professional and based on laws while preserving the confidentiality and privacy of beneficiaries' data.
  2. “Beneficiary” means any natural or legal person who wishes to contract with the platform or use or browse the Website or Application.
  3. “Service Provider”: It is the natural or legal person who offers its consulting services to the beneficiaries through the platform in its own field according to its data registered in the platform.
  4. Platform: means “Sharing application” unless the context of the text has a different meaning, any reference to it hereinafter means the mobile application or the website or both.
  5. “Account” means the page or record of the beneficiary, on the platform in order to enable the use of the services of the consulting platform.
  6. “Service” means the service or advice made available through the Platform

Second: Terms and conditions for benefiting from consulting platform services:

  1. The age of the beneficiary should not be less than 18 years of age, and have the legal authority to agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. Availability of legal capacity in the event that the beneficiary is a natural guardian or a legal representative of others.
  3. Compliance with these terms and conditions, in addition to the applicable laws in the Kingdom Saudi Arab.
  4. Obligation to provide correct data and information when registering or seeking advice through the website or application, and it is prohibited to provide false or misleading data whether it results in harm to others or not.
  5. Commitment to preserving all intellectual property rights of the consulting platform.
  6. The user is prohibited from posting or uploading any defamatory, offensive, infringing material, Harmful, threatening, abusive, racist, morally inappropriate or otherwise unlawful content or information.
  7. The user is prohibited from entering or making an unauthorized attempt to enter the consulting platform, or to grant others the authority to use his account, or to impersonate any person or misrepresent membership with another person, and the user shall bear the consequences of his violation of the provisions of this paragraph.
  8. The user is prohibited from uploading or attaching any files, programs, or any other materials protected by intellectual property rights laws or any private or public rights that he does not have the rights to use.
  9. If a consulting platform, at its sole discretion, finds that the user has breached or violated any of these conditions, it has the right to delete any requests or content that has been published - without warning the user, and to take measures - including stopping, Suspending or restricting the user's access to the platform, preventing the user from using the platform, reporting the user to Internet service providers or the competent authorities, or taking any legal action.
  10. The services available on the consulting platform are provided by service providers independent of the consulting platform who hold specialized degrees in law, psychiatry, or psychology and sociology.
  11. The user is committed to the price of providing the service and the duration of its implementation, and is committed to communicating with the platform according to the time specified for that. In the event that the communication is not accepted, the platform has the right not to provide the service and collect the full amount.
  12. A consulting platform does not ask the user for any confidential or private information or documents, except for the requests mentioned in the platform or that are requested later through the platform, and all requests related to providing consultation are the consultant’s responsibilities, and it is his sole responsibility to protect and not disclose them.
  13. In order to monitor and confirm the level and quality of service, calls will be recorded and kept without any responsibility on the consulting platform.
  14. The User is prohibited from performing any action that may cause intolerable or disproportionate pressure on the Platform or its infrastructure, for example: User registration from more than one email and login to the platform Through it Or colluding with more than one person to enter the platform at the same time to put pressure on it, trying to hack the platform or affecting the services provided.

Third: Scope and nature of services provided by Consultation:

  1. Providing legal, psychological, and social advice in both Arabic and English.

Fourth: Registration and reservation:

When the beneficiary registers on the website or mobile application (since in order to benefit from the services, it is required to create an account and register, and it is prohibited to use another person's account), the beneficiary acknowledges himself and on behalf of those he represents (if any) By agreeing to the following (Registration application means your agreement and acknowledgment of the following):

  1. All terms and conditions for booking or requesting a consultation.
  2. All fees imposed, including taxes and fees of all kinds.
  3. Acceptance of financial responsibility to pay for the consultation.
  4. Compliance with the binding terms and conditions or any of their subsequent amendments.
  5. Use your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  6. Verify all your data, and you acknowledge that you own the entered email and mobile number.
  7. Consultation cancellation and modification policy.
  8. Immediately upon confirmation of the reservation or consultation request, the commitment is made between the beneficiary and the consulting platform.
  9. Consultation platform reserves the right to refuse any reservation or consultation request or any confirmation of any of them according to its sole will without any liability on it.
  10. The consulting platform reserves its full right to correct any error that may occur in the declared prices or in the services, and the consulting platform will correct it as soon as it becomes aware of that, provided that this is done before starting the implementation of the service. The beneficiary has the choice between continuing the implementation after the correction or rescinding the contract and recovering what was paid.
  11. Prices vary based on the payment currency chosen for payment (if payment is made from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).
  12. Consulting platform will not be held responsible for any delay or non-implementation of your reservation or service if incorrect information is provided
  13. You must verify all the data entered before confirming the reservation.
  14. The reservation is considered activated from the date the beneficiary receives the confirmation e-mail.

Fifth: Amendment and Cancellation:

  1. Whenever it is possible to make any modification to the reservation or request a consultation at your request, you will bear any additional expenses in this regard alone.
  2. The consulting platform has the right to make any amendment to the reservation or service request based on its sole will whenever the need arises,with the assurance of notifying you of this amendment.
  3. The consultancy platform has the right to amend the service fees at any time without prior notice, taking into account that the amendment is not applied to existing requests (in progress). Once the beneficiary completes the request, the fees specified in the request wil l not change with the changes in the fees on the website or mobile application.
  4. In the event that a request to postpone the appointment of the reservation or the provision of the service (in cases where this is permitted) is submitted at the request of the beneficiary, this request must be made before (24) hours from the time scheduled for the consultation.
  5. Some modification requests cannot always be fulfilled.
  6. The consulting platform has the right to cancel your reservation in the event that you violate one of the essential terms of these terms and conditions, provided that you are notified by the registered email of this cancellation, without any responsibility on the consulting platform.
  7. In the event of cancellation by the consulting platform without a legitimate reason, or for a compelling circumstance beyond the control of the consulting platform, the beneficiary or the consultant, the consulting platform and the consultant are obligated to refund the fees paid within (21) days from the date of cancellation.
  8. In the event of cancellation of the reservation or service request by the beneficiary (in cases where cancellation is permitted), an amount will be deducted15 riyals of the total dues of the beneficiary to the consulting platform as a cancellation fee.
  9. In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the beneficiary before starting the service with (After 24 hours, none of the paid fees will be refunded, and the beneficiary is not entitled to claim the previously paid fees.
  10. Consulting platform undertakes (in cases where cancellation and refund are allowed) to refund the remainder of the amounts previously received within (21) working days from the date of notification of the desire to cancel the reservation or provide the service.
  11. All requests for modification or cancellation are made by ordering through the website or consulting platform on mobile applications.

Sixth: Payment Services:

  1. The beneficiary shall pay the value of the service or reservation through the payment methods available on the platform immediately after completing the reservation, and the service or work will not be provided until the full value of the reservation or service is paid.
  2. It is prohibited for the user to defraud using an incorrect, invalid or non-owned payment method, and the user shall bear responsibility as a result of violating this paragraph, and he will be reported, penalized, and penalties applied to him.
  3. All payments are made in Saudi riyals, and if the user pays using another currency, he will bear the expenses and wages incurred in currency conversion or any other bank fees.

Seventh: Prohibited Behavior:

You hereby agree to refrain from any of the following actions:

  1. Undertaking not to exploit or publish the information or data that is displayed through the consulting platform to any mobile application or other website outside the consulting platform in any way.
  2. Disrupting or manipulating the networks or software of the consulting platform.
  3. Engage in or encourage any illegal action or related communications.
  4. Avoid using offensive words, slander, or defamation of the Istishara platform or any of its employees, followers, or collaborators in any way, in addition to the fact that the Istisharah platform is not a place for religious, ideological, political, ethnic, racial, or aggressive discussions
  5. transmit files, data or any other material that contains a computer virus, corrupted data, worms, "Trojan horses", or any commands or designs that may delete data or programming or lead to the disruption of the (Site or Application) or It impedes the use of any equipment or system in the full way for which it was designed.

Eighth: Limits of Liability:

  1. Consulting platform is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the website or mobile application.
  2. The Beneficiary acknowledges its use of the website or mobile application at His own responsibility and the consulting platform shall not be liable for any damage or injury as a result of any user accessing the website or the mobile application or the inability to access or use it.
  3. You are solely responsible for registration and reservation on the consulting platform and the suitability of the services provided by the consulting platform for your needs, and the consulting platform cannot be held accountable in this regard.
  4. You are solely responsible for any activity that takes place through your account without any liability on the Consulting platform.
  5. Consulting platform will not be responsible for losses resulting from any unauthorized use of your account, you may be liable for losses arising from consulting platform or others as a result of such unauthorized use.
  6. The consulting platform has the right, without any responsibility, to cancel any account or registration based on its absolute discretion and without notice or notice.
  7. You are also responsible for the information provided at the time of creating the account and/or booking the service, and the consulting platform cannot be held responsible in this regard.
  8. When the beneficiary is exposed to any damages resulting from the failure or negligence of the consultant in the implementation of the service, the consultant alone bears full responsibility before the service The beneficiary, and the consultancy platform is not obligated to assume any obligations or responsibilities towards the beneficiary.
  9. The service is provided to the beneficiary in the light of the documents and facts that he submitted, and in the event that the beneficiary conceals any of them, the consultancy platform or the consultant shall not be asked about this error or the result of it.
  10. The service is provided to the beneficiary by the consultant in light of the documents and facts provided by the beneficiary, and in the event of any error or omission on the part of the consultant, he alone is responsible for this error, omission or negligence without any responsibility on the consult platforme.
  11. The consultant has the right to ask the beneficiary to provide him with a number of data or documents in order to prepare and provide the consultation. The beneficiary is solely responsible for providing the service provider with these documents. The consultancy platform is not responsible for any wrong use of these data or documents by the consultant. The consultant is also obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the documents, and not Disclosure of documents submitted by the beneficiary.
  12. It is known to both the consultant and the beneficiary that the consultation platform is limited to mediation between the consultant and the beneficiary only, and it cannot be held accountable otherwise.
  13. The beneficiary bears full responsibility alone when violating any of these terms and conditions, or violating any of the directions of the consulting platform, or the directions of the consultant.
  14. When paying the service costs, the beneficiary is obligated to pay through the means and accounts shown on the platform and related to the consulting platform. The user is also prohibited from paying the costs of services from any accounts that are unknown or not owned by the beneficiary, and he bears the legal consequences when he does so, noting that in cases where it is allowed Refund of consulting fees shall be refunded to the same account from which the payment was made.

Ninth: Modifying the Terms and Conditions:

  1. Consulting platform reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time according to its sole will and according to what it deems necessary in order to improve the work and service within the consulting platform without any responsibility for it.
  2. In the event that you object to any of the provisions of these terms and conditions or that are amended by the consulting platform and are notified to you, in this case, you have no choice but to stop using the website or mobile application and terminate your membership ac count.
  3. You will be notified of the modifications, changes or improvements that are made through the consulting platform via the registered e-mail or through the application, and they will become effective against you during (5) days from the date of being notified of it and the passage of this period without canceling the account and your use of the website or mobile application is considered your acceptance of the modifications or updates.

Tenth: Intellectual property rights:

  1. The website and mobile application contain trademarks, trade secrets, technologies, products, processes, and other rights owned by Consulting Platform and/or other parties.
  2. Consulting platform does not grant you any license, intellectual property right or any other rights, and you may not reproduce, distribute, publish, display, upload or transmit any (Materials) except as expressly permitted and within the limits of these Terms. and provisions

Eleventh: Complaints Policy:

The consulting platform always seeks to improve and develop the services provided through it, and to facilitate the beneficiaries, this policy has been included in order to provide services to the fullest extent, in addition to providing an effective communication channel with the beneficiaries, through the following:

  1. The day of its occurrence, otherwise the right to file a complaint is forfeited.
  2. The investigation of the complaint will be conducted in a transparent and impartial manner.
  3. The complaint will be decided within (7) A working day from the date of its submission as a maximum, and in the event that the complaint requires further study, you will be notified of that.
  4. In the event that the complaint is against an employee, the complaint will not be referred to the employee w hose right to investigate or adjudicate, but rather it will be presented to his line manager with the possibility of hearing his opinion (for guidance) based on the discretion of his line manager.
  5. You can follow up the complaint through the announced means of communication.
  6. Email has been inserted ( to be specific to complaints to facilitate the beneficiaries.

Twelfth: Compensation for Damages:

You agree to indemnify and hold the Platform and any of its affiliates, partners, employees, directors, agents, licensors, service providers, contractors or suppliers harmless from any claims, including attorneys' fees and legal costs, or any claims by third parties arising out of your breach of these Terms. provisions or documents incorporated as references, or due to any violation of laws or the rights of third parties.

Thirteenth: Notices

Istishrah has the right to send all notices, amendments or other communications required or permitted by these Terms and Conditions by e-mail, regular mail, text messages, or by posting them on the website or mobile application, you will be deemed to have been notified as soon as you receive the mail electronic mail or regular mail, or by posting on the website or mobile application.

Fourteenth: Jurisdiction:

Any dispute arising from the application of this Agreement, in relation to the services on the website or mobile application, shall be resolved amicably between the two parties, as far as possible, within (7) days from the date.

If this is not possible, the person concerned shall submit to the competent authority, and the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall apply to the provisions of this agreement, and the competent authority in the city of Riyadh shall be competent to consider any dispute that may arise from the application of this agreement.

Fifteenth: Approval and Undertaking:

  1. These Terms and Conditions and their amendments, if any, represent the entire agreement with you and supersede all previous oral or written agreements.
  2. The failure of the platform to exercise any of its rights or claim any compensation under these terms and conditions, or its delay in exercising it, or its non-imposition of these terms and conditions, or its delay in imposing or delaying it, does not mean a waiver from it of any of the aforementioned.
  3. If any provision or part of this Agreement is found to be invalid, unenforceable, or void, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
  4. Your use of the website or mobile application is an express agreement from you to accept all these terms and conditions - which include all the aforementioned details - and act accordingly and abide by what is stated therein after reviewing them and understanding all of their contents.
  5. These terms and conditions guarantee approval of the (Privacy and Cookies Policy), so we hope that you will review them, and you also undertake to comply with any current or future instructions, instructions, modifications, or additions issued by the consulting platform according to the latter’s absolute discretion without any responsibility for it